InterCrypt Fund is a private cryptocurrency investment fund

Our Vision.
We are on a mission to create the global platform for the new digital economy .
EdenChain is a blockchain platform company that pioneers the era of the new digital economy .
The new digital economy allows for the capitalization of any and every tangible and intangible asset such as stocks, bonds, real estate, and commodities amongst many others.
Our platform aims to replace existing assets with blockchain-based tokens by allowing their ownership to be registered.
We believe that the application of the new digital economy will lower the transaction costs, increase shared profits, and create new markets for foreign and domestic investors.
EdenChain is engineered to lead the new digital economy .
EdenChain is optimized to support active decentralized financial activities.
EdenChain provides blockchain platform technologies optimized to support the decentralized financial industry.
It allows all tangible and intangible values to be capitalized through smart contracts , enabling people to freely trade through the internet without intermediaries.
Secured transaction handling.
EdenChain implemented JWT, KMS and a proxy system to build a mechanism that provides end-to-end security to all transactions.
It minimizes vulnerability to insider attacks by hiding credential information from insiders with manifold security features.
Optimized for digital asset handling.
EdenChain provides a simple and secure environment so anyone can create and trade digital assets that requires no programming.
It also supports metadata storage on all digital assets, making it ideal to represent value of all types.
Support realistic ownership.
EdenChain platform supports ownership closely models after real-life cases.
The API designated to manage ownerships operates flexibly, handling multiple types of ownership with ease.
Aenigma Capital is a blockchain and ICO investment fund that combines the expertise of veteran crypto investors, venture capitalists, startup founders, engineers and token economists.
Alphacoin Fund is a Singapore-based cryptoasset fund.
AlphaCoin has invested in over 30 projects globally alongside global top-tier VCs.

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AXI is a Venture Capital firm that specializes in blockchain technology and crypto assets

BlockGround Capital is an investment firm specializing in ventures related to blockchain technology and emerging digital assets.
Byzantine Capital capitalizes on and invests exclusively into blockchain-oriented startups and crypto currencies.
We strongly believe the blockchain technology will bring people the real trust and the real convenience.
Coinstelegram Fund is one of the leading blockchain investment firms.
The fund seeks to act as the catalyst for widespread blockchain adoption and innovation.

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Consensus Capital is a leading cryptoasset fund that has backed projects such as Filecoin

Consensus leverages its ample commercial resources to help blockchain startups build success.
Continue Capital is an investment firm focusing on the blockchain industry as well as other innovative technologies.
DeepTech Venture is a team of private-equity specialists driven by a passion for disruptive technologies and their potential to reinvent traditional industries.
FinForge is a cryptolab that connects blockchain projects with smart crypto money.

Thursday January 01, 1970

Genesis Capital is a top-notch cryptocurrency fund in the Greater China region

It has a seasoned crypto investment team, with investing experiences involving over more than 50 past projects.
Imagination fund focuses on companies with disruptive technology or business model, aiming to help smart young people become great blockchain entrepreneurs.
The founding partner of the fund has more than 15 years of investment experience, and manage more than 2 billion RMB.
The fund’s areas of focus include Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Robit, Big data, Enterprise Software and other disruptive technologies.
The investment stage is mainly in early stage and growth stage.
InterCrypt Fund is a private cryptocurrency investment fund.
With experience in finance and technology, InterCrypt invests in and cooperates with innovative blockchain startups.
Kosmos Capital is an Australian fund that connects a sophisticated investor base of Australasian family offices and high net-worth investors with the most innovative blockchain investment opportunities from around the globe.
LD Capital is one of Asia’s earliest organizations focusing on value investing in blockchain field.
Owing to industrial resource advantages and professional investment research teams.

LD Capital has successively discovered and invested in projects such as Qtum

Vechain and Eos which all achieved over 100 times return.
LinkVC is a venture capital firm specializing in startups related to blockchain, digital communication, and internet finance.
Founded in 2013, .

Midana Capital Inc is a seed to exit lead venture capital firm in Asia-Pacific

Midana Capital focus on innovative technologies which improve the environment and daily human life.

Node Capital is a venture capital company focusing on blockchain industry

It is also one of the world’s earliest professional investment institutions of blockchain industry layouts.
Signal Ventures is a European venture firm that invests in early-stage blockchain startups and decentralized protocols.
ANGFund is a Hong Kong based crypto asset fund which makes investments through a proprietory project evaluation model and quantitative trading system.
Bixin Investment believes that Bitcoin and blockchain technology are the key to bringing about fundamental changes to the world.
During this transformative era, Bixin Investment endeavors to find and invest in disruptive blockchain projects that will create enormous value for both the investors and the society.
The network of Bixin Investment extends across China, Japan and the Silicon Valley.
The projects we have invested in the past include, among others, Nervos, Algorand, QuarkChain, Celer Network, and HPB.
Block Rock Capital is a regulated fund with a focus purely on blockchain technology (DLT) and crypto economy.
With 50+ years in finance and asset management, 30+ building technology companies, founded by an advisor to the Ethereum Foundation and a team of experts across different industries, its goal is to recognize, develop and spread adoption of blockchain related projects all over the world.
Blockfront Capital is a private investment firm founded by top three romanian crypto-entrepreneurs.
Based in Romania and Switzerland.

Blockfront Capital focuses exclusively on projects related to infrastructure

blockchain technology.

DYOR Capital is an acceleration fund supporting blockchain startups globally

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