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Category Archives: Chemistry.
Older posts October 2, 2014 · 3:03 pm.
Review of the app on the Pulse of Apps: (in Russian) Following the improved Android version, I updated the iOS version of.
Major changes are: – All flashcards are available for free – The new “Challenge” mode (multiple-choice questions about all 43 compounds) – Swedish localization – The updated app icon Filed under , Tagged as , , , , September 4, 2014 · 10:57 pm.
While I am busy with Android, my 47th iOS app has been approved (after 10 days waiting for review).
This is the collection of quizzes on 200 most basic chemical substances: both organic and inorganic.
With the beginning of an academic year, I see the growing interest to my chemistry apps.
The English description of the game is the following: Learn 200 chemical substances that are studied in introductory and advanced chemistry classes: * systematic and trivial names * structures and formulas * organic, inorganic, and organometallic compounds * two different quiz modes * 100 easy and 100 difficult chemicals ***** And it appears simultaneously on the Google Play: .
[h]Acknowledgements: icons for buttons were downloaded from or were created with[/h]Filed under Tagged as , , , , June 14, 2014 · 1:05 pm Steroids.
After geography apps, .
[h]I briefly return back to chemistry with Steroids[/h]They were the subject of my undergraduate studies and I suspect that it will be the most difficult topics among all my apps.
The English description of the game is the following: Steroids are an important class of natural products with various biological functions: hormones (estradiol, testosterone), vitamins (vitamin D3), lipids (cholesterol).
This app is designed for chemistry, biochemistry, and pharmacy students.
It provides you with a convenient tool to get acquainted with chemical formulas of the most important natural and synthetic steroids.
Many of them are top-selling drugs used for a treatment of asthma, baldness, prostate cancer, and as oral contraceptives.
* 40 steroid structures * flashcards * a multiple-choice quiz * a spell-the-name quiz ***** Acknowledgements: icons for buttons were downloaded from or were created with.
Leave a comment Filed under Tagged as , steroids April 21, .
[h]2014 · 2:26 pm Functional Groups[/h][h]Functional Groups had to be my first organic chemistry app[/h]
The topic is so general and fundamental for everyone studying organic chemistry.
However, it is published only now after several apps devoted to specific classes of compounds: , , , and.
The English description of the app is the following: The most important app for organic chemistry students includes 80 functional groups, the classes of organic compounds (hydrocarbons, ethers, esters, etc.) and natural products (amino acids, carbohydrates, lipids, etc.).
Take a quiz or use flashcards for memorizing them.
Start from the basic groups and proceed to the advanced topics.
***** The app has four sets of questions and a flashcard mode.
The mode called “Difficult” should actually be quite easy for a college student majoring in organic chemistry, .
[h]Not saying about PhD organic chemists[/h]I included only 80 classes of organic compounds and natural products and I can easily propose 80 more important classes.
It means that I have a lot of opportunities for the updates and all suggestions and comments are always welcome.
Acknowledgements: icons for buttons were downloaded from or were created with.
[h]5 Comments Filed under Tagged as[/h]
functional groups April 7, 2014 · 12:56 pm.
For quite a long time, I didn’t like the app icon of.
It was too dark and the spacial formula was hard to comprehend that it is cysteine.
So I decided to prepare this update with a new app icon (proline has three-letter abbreviation Pro) and some other improvements in design and localization.
I can’t say that I’m completely satisfied with the resulting icon.
The formula could be a bit larger, especially its labels.
Maybe I’ll update Amino Acids again, but not now.
Filed under , Tagged as , , , , March 31, 2014 · 8:11 pm.
I was not very careful sending the previous update of.
Now everything is fixed and the app looks and works exactly as I wanted.
Filed under , Tagged as , , March 26, 2014 · 1:44 pm.
The app was released on Monday together with and it was featured as a new free app in the Games/Word category for a couple of days.
I got 250 downloads yesterday that is very good for so specific topic.
[h]If people in Apple like “smart” apps[/h]
I’m ready to create many apps about different chemistry topics.
We’ll see.
Acknowledgements: icons for buttons were downloaded from or were created with.
Filed under Tagged as , , March 24, 2014 · 10:40 pm.
Today the Apple review team decided to eliminate the backlog of apps awaiting for the review and they approved my 3 apps and this update of.
I submitted it just 14 hours before its status became “In Review”.
Filed under , Tagged as , , , , , March 17, .
[h]2014 · 10:31 pm Chemical Elements of the Periodic Table – Name Quiz and Flashcards[/h][h]The most popular chemistry-related topics are and Periodic Table[/h]
[h]There are more than 150 app about the latter on the App Store[/h]
I’m adding one more.
But it’s not just a periodic table or a multiple choice quiz.
[h]It’s a cooler “spell the name of the element” quiz + flashcards + Mendeleev[/h]
Let’s see how competitive my app will be.
The English description of the game is the following: You’ll learn the names of all 118 chemical elements with this app.
Please choose the way of studying that suits you the best: * Basic Elements Quiz * Flashcards * Periodic Table * Advanced Elements Quiz Please check the short bio of Dmitri Mendeleev, the discoverer of the Periodic Law.
– The game is available in 8 languages.
It’s very easy to find translation of elements’ names.
– The buttons in the main menu look like “element cards”.
For the first time, I added a link to my another app () in the main menu.
– Periodic Table is very neat.
One can find all 118 elements, their atomic numbers and masses.
Acknowledgements: icons for buttons were downloaded from or were created with.
For the app icon a fragment of Ilya Repin’s Portrait of Dmitry Ivanovich Mendeleev wearing the Edinburgh University professor robe (1885; The State Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow) is used.
Leave a comment Filed under Tagged as , , elements, periodic table February 26, 2014 · 1:44 pm.
A new version of was approved on Monday, simultaneously with the.
That’s why I decided to write about the new app first.
I added German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and Italian localizations.
Translating the app into these languages proved to be beneficial for the.
Filed under , Tagged as , , , Older posts.
Русская версия этого сайта.
on Melisa on on.
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