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ютуб Гудбай, Америка смотреть в хорошем качестве hd 1080
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The  (OSCC) is an annual conference that focuses on the developer and user community creating the.
Organized as a joint production by and the , the virtual conference features two days of presentations, workshops, keynote sessions, .
[h]And social events across diverse sectors of the OpenSimulator user base[/h], and I’m thrilled to be both attending and presenting again this year.
All the inworld venue tickets are sold out, but if you can still  and watch all the presentations live on.
[h]“You Only Own what you can Carry: How to backup and move your content between Second Life[/h]
Openim and Unity” In this hands-on workshop, I’ll be demonstrating exactly how to export your own user-created objects (both prim and mesh based) and move them between , and.
Attendees will watch my desktop via a live TeamViewer screenshare and follow along on their own using freely-available software.
Requirements: Inworld attendees should be using the  and have pre-installed both the  and the  No previous technical expertise required, just a willingness to learn.
I’ll also be a panelist later in the day on “” where I’ll be sharing my thoughts about DRM versus content licensing.
Take care,.
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The  is being held September 18-20 in Bethesda, Maryland.
This conference will assess a wide range of progressive ideas for the future of e-Learning, focusing on the idea of technology as a means to education rather than an end in itself.
The conference organizers have lined up a wonderful range of interdisciplinary speakers and are planning to attract a wide group of heterogeneous scholars and practitioners.
I’ll be attending the entire conference, and I’m honored to be giving the    Here’s what I’ll be talking about: My goal will be to tell an interesting story with examples and demos of technologies that I think really leverage how our minds naturally embrace the world around us.
One such technology that I’m currently exploring and that you’ve probably never heard of are  Visit to learn a lot more about Wiglets.
are autonomous, evolving, self-animated and self-motivated agents that can exist in both completely virtual and augmented reality environments.
They exist at a wildly creative intersection of artificial life, art and gaming.
And perhaps best of all, you can interact with them directly through touch and gestures.
Another topic of discussion will be the affordances of multiuser 3d virtual worlds, especially how one can reduce the barrier to entry for people interested in leveraging them for educational purposes.
has recently developed some new tools that integrate with the Unity3d-based  to provide on-the-fly content editing in a simple yet powerful way.  I’ll be giving a sneak preview during my presentation.
I’ll also be discussing and giving examples of innovative uses of commonly used virtual world technologies such as ,  and the.
If you plan on attending and would like to connect with me at the conference, please drop me a line on or .  And if you’re looking to interact with the organizers and other attendees and speakers, be sure to  Take care,.
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To say that I am excited about this upcoming conference would be a gross understatement.
for details.
And if you’d like to help the organizers bootstrap even more cool events for the conference (as well as receive some most excellent rewards for yourself),.
, , , , , , , Meanwhile, in Finland.
August 27, 2010 7 I found that captioned photo while Googling for images of Finland.
But I don’t think we’re allowed to tease Finland anymore.
[h]Not since Newsweek recently ranked them #1 on their list of Best Countries in the World[/h]
[h]I’ll be giving a keynote at a very interesting conference in Finland in October[/h]
Here are some details.
Continue reading.
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[h]Cawag98 on on Jim Wojno on mercalia on on[/h]
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