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[h]/  / A Hellboy RPG is Coming (Finally) A Hellboy RPG is Coming (Finally)[/h]
Pin It Normally, I don’t have much truck with comics.
I like big, chunky books.
Little, thin, flappy things you have to keep buying once a week or month sound like too much effort.
However, .
[h]I very much enjoy reading Hellboy[/h]I have read all the comics, and own all of the Library Editions.
I also liked the two Ron Pearlman movies.
Not a fan of the newest one.
The animated movies were pretty good too.
[h]So when my friend Dave linked me to a Hellboy roleplaying game on Kickstarter[/h]
I jumped on it straight away.
I know, I know, .
[h]I have downtalked Kickstarter in the past[/h]But this is too good a chance to miss.
And the company making this product is well-established.
[h]This Kickstarter has been brought to us by Mantic Games[/h]
They are probably most well known for making the popular Warhammer competitor, Kings of War.
[h]They also made the Hellboy board game[/h]
which garnered over 12,500 backers and gathered almost 1.5 million pounds.
All their Kickstarters have been great successes so far.
At the time of writing, .
[h]The Kickstarter still has a couple weeks left to go[/h]I’ve pledged at the highest level.
This will include a leatherette hardback book, some extra digital stuff, poster, BPRD book bag, GM screen, dice, and a bunch of miniatures.
Pledge levels go from about $19 for the digital book, all the way up to what I’ve backed at about $175.
The rules are based on Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition.
A quick start guide is available for download from
[h]There are also gameplay videos on the Kickstarter page[/h]
delivering more information.
If you like Hellboy as much as me, .
[h]Then head over to the Kickstarter page and check it out[/h]They have already smashed their goal.
Obligatory Links.
Hellboy the RPG KickstarterMantic Games HomepageHellboy on Dark Horse ComicsArt of Mike Mignola Homepage Liked it.
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Kris likes about all of three things and dislikes all of just about everything.
So we keep him chained up in a damp basement in front of a computer and gave him the job of scouring every website on the internet, every day, for tabletop news.
You probably won’t see him in public reporting for ATGN unless Cthulhu has whispered him to do so in some fevered dream-vision.
When he’s not staring at a computer screen he enjoys tabletop gaming in all it’s many varied and wonderful forms.
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