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видео как взломать голоса вконтакте
Our Team.
[h]Our Team 2019-02-01T16:06:59-06:00 We are not just programmers[/h]
we are business consultants.
[h]Two of our six Microsoft Access Expert Developer s are recognized Microsoft Access MVPs[/h]
making us one of the premier and largest Access development firms with the most Access MVPs on staff in the US.
[h]Learn more about Juan in his MVP profile[/h]
Click to view letter of recommendation from Microsoft.
Juan Soto – Founder and Access MVP.
[h]Juan is the President of IT Impact and a leading professional in the industry[/h]
He has been named an Official Access MVP by Microsoft and is a frequent author on the official Microsoft Access blog as well as the first Access Expert Developer to be profiled on their site.
[h]Juan founded a worldwide organization called[/h]
where groups of Access enthusiasts meet once a month on a wide range of topics and settings, (there are currently 5 groups on three continents meeting).
He is also a frequent speaker at conferences throughout the USA, covering subjects such as SQL Server with Access as well as providing tools and resources for Access Expert Developer s on the web.
[h]Learn more about Ben on his MVP profile Ben Clothier – Access MVP[/h]
SharePoint 2010 Technology Specialist and Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert – SQL Server.
[h]Ben is a Solution Architect at IT Impact[/h]
an Access MVP since 2009, and a SharePoint Technology Specialist.
He has worked on business applications from survey tracking to worldwide supply control databases.
When he’s not working, .
[h]He’s probably reviewing or writing something about Access development[/h]Books he co-authored: Effective SQL: 61 Specific Ways to Write Better SQL.
[h]Professional Access 2013 Programming[/h]
[h]Microsoft Access in a SharePoint World[/h]
Books he contributed to: SQL Queries for Mere Mortal (4th edition).
[h]Access 2010 Programmer’s Reference[/h]
Do you need us for one of your projects.
Contact us using our online form.
[h]Powered by • We are a Microsoft Access Development Company with Headquarters in Chicago[/h]
Illinois, USA.
We have clients in Miami and Orlando - Florida, Dallas - Texas, Puerto Rico, New York.
Large client base in Houston - Texas, San Francisco and Los Angeles - California, Washington, Denver - Colorado.

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