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взлом вконтакте через блокнот
African Art.
in ,.
[h]Rainbird Tales AudioVisual Book[/h]
Rainbird Tales AudioVisual Book contains five animal stories written and narrated by children from Bignet Education Centre in Nairobi and a story from Finnish countryside.
The Book is a product of “Rainbird Tales Kenya – Environment through the Eyes of Slum Children” initiative run by Marita Rainbird in Kenya in February – December 2014.
It… November 17, 2014 in , ,.
[h]ABURY Design Experience: Preserving World Crafts[/h]
ABURY is pioneering fashion by combining traditional, old world crafts with avantgarde design to create a new luxury style that fosters intercultural exchange and preserves world crafts.
Help us to partner artisans and emerging design talent and benefit of a unique piece with a story.
[h]When I first came to Marrakesh in 2008 to renovate… September 28[/h]
2014 in , ,.
[h]Giving Africa a Voice Through Art – A Call for Submissions![/h]
Calling all African artists.
If you are an artist interested in envisioning a more positive future for Africa – or the world.
– consider submitting your work to the Future of Human Rights Forum’s (FHR Forum) international competition: Future Cities, Future Life.
The deadline is October 30, 2014 – so don’t miss out.
September 16, 2014 in.
[h]Nigerian Kunlé Adeyemi shines in Rebel Architecture series[/h]
Al Jazeera’s new series Rebel Architecture uncovers the architects who are shunning the glamour of ‘starchitecture’ and using design to tackle the world’s urban, environmental and social crises.
The series premieres on 18 August 2014.
August 12, 2014 in , , ,.
[h]African artists tackle pressing issues in Ici L’Afrique[/h]
by Elizabeth Stephens Ici L’Afrique, or Here is Africa, is an exposition currently taking place in Geneva, Switzerland.
The exhibit features 24 African artists from 17 different countries showcasing over 70 works that answer essential questions about Africa, and tackle contemporary challenges facing the continent.
Some of these questions include: the history of slavery, immigration,… May 10, 2014 in.
[h]Festival of Resistance and Alternatives in Morocco[/h]
Feb 20-23, 2014.
We are a groupe of morrocan people willing to organize a festival called Festival of Alternatives and resistance, and we are looking for help to succeed in the project.
[h]The Festival de Résistance et d’Alternatives (the Festival of Resistance and Alternatives[/h]
FRA) offers a place dedicated to innovation, exchange and participation where everyone can express themselves freely.
During… February 12, 2014 in , , , ,.
[h]African Diaspora: African Women in Europe Awards – 29th June 2013[/h]
Applications for the Second AWE (African Women in Europe) 2013 Awards are now officially open.
This year.
[h]The AWE Awards Event Ceremony will be held in London[/h]
UK at Holiday Inn London-Kensington Forum on the 29th June 2013.
The A.
E award aims to recognize and honor African Women in Europe members of good standing living,… March 19, 2013 in , , , , , ,.
An Open Letter to the Cultural Foundation of the Federal Republic of Germany by Safia Dickersbach How can the German Federal Cultural Foundation believe that 2 million Euros will promote cultural relations with the whole continent of Africa (and not even involve the Africans in the process).
The cultural foundation of the Federal Republic of… February 9, 2013 in , , ,.
[h]All-Somali refugee cast carries Asad to the Oscars[/h]
All-Somali refugee cast carries Asad to Oscar nomination for Best Narrative Short Asad is a short film written and directed by famed commercial director Bryan Buckley of Hungry Man Films.
The film received an Academy Award nomination on 10 January 2013, landing it one step closer to film’s highest honor: an Oscar.
[h]Asad centers on the… January 18[/h]
2013 in ,.
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