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pos cash register software , cash register software
[h]Our 3SX SOLVE Teams hit the ground running to put plans into production[/h]
The SOLVE Team executes the “build, buy, code and integrate” steps of the engineering process, taking every mission product and component through to delivery and deployment.
Utilizing AMS’s wealth of Team Member companies and small-business subcontractors.
[h]The SOLVE Team puts the right people on the right production job for mission realization[/h]
based on certification, dependability, and track record.
[h]The SOLVE Team then verifies by rigorous testing[/h]
QC and validation.
At every step, through every iteration of the engineering and production process.
[h]Your SOLVE Team remains in close coordination with your SEE Team to tweak[/h]
refine, revise, and troubleshoot until the mission vision becomes mission reality.
But we don’t stop there.
For many mission solutions, that’s just the beginning of a new long-term relationship with the third of the 3SX hand-picked teams: your SUSTAIN Team.

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