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Conference Awards.
Conference Awards.
In collaboration with the Space Surveillance Technical Committee of the American Astronautical Society (AAS), the AMOS Conference recognizes outstanding efforts in the field of Space Situational Awareness by presenting a series of awards at the close of the annual conference.
Student Award.
Awarded to the best manuscript submitted and presented by a student.
[h]The AMOS Conference Student Award provides travel assistance[/h]
conference registration, and a featured oral presentation time slot in the Conference program.
Students wishing to apply for this award must submit their completed manuscript and co-author statement by July 10, 2020.
Late submissions will not be considered for the award.
Applicants must be undergraduate or graduate students pursuing a degree in a science, technology, engineering, .
[h]And math (STEM) at an accredited college or university[/h]Student papers will be reviewed and scored based on the following criteria: Genuine work of scholarship applicable to the field of SSA.
Organization and layout.
[h]Technical review of the paper for its contribution to the state-of-the-art in SSA[/h]
Reasonable promise for future research, leadership, or enterprise by the author in the field of SSA.
Download flyer to share with your academic community Student Award Co-Author Policy – Statement Required for Eligibility A student must be first author and primary researcher for a paper to be considered for the Best Student Paper Award.
There is a maximum of three authors for papers to be considered for the student award in 2020.
In the case where the student is not the sole author, a single representative of the co-authors, ideally the student’s advisor, is required to send a letter as an email attachment to [email protected] prior to the Student Award Deadline as part of the paper submission.
Any student papers without a corresponding letter will not be considered for the award.
This letter shall confirm that the submitting student was the primary researcher and author of the work, including analysis, writing, revising, generating artwork/charts, etc.
Best Paper Award.
[h]To qualify for the Best Paper Award[/h]
authors must upload their technical papers and copyright agreements to the submission system by the August 31 Technical Paper and Copyright Deadline.
Technical papers will be reviewed and scored based on the following criteria: Applicability to the field of SSA.
Organization and layout.
Technical review of the paper for its contribution to the state-of-the-art in SSA.
Reasonable promise for future research, leadership, .
[h]Or enterprise by the recipient in the field of SSA[/h]Reasonable promise for a change of direction in the way that commercial, government, .
[h]And research SSA communities improve their understanding of the situation in space[/h]Congratulations to award winners from 2019.
From L to R:  Darren McKnight (Best Presenter – Orbital Debris); James Blake (Best Student Paper); Michael Copeland (Best Presenter – Adaptive Optics & Imaging); Troy Dotigney (Best Presenter – SSA); Justin Fletcher (Best Presenter – Machine Learning for SSA Applications); Michael Werth (Best Presenter – Adaptive Optics & Imaging); Carolin Frueh (Best Presenter – Non-Resolved Object Characterization); Lauchie Scott (Best Paper and Best Presenter – Astrodynamics).  Missing: Jeakan Thangavelautham (Best Presenter – Space-Based Assets); Grant Thomas (Best Presenter – Optical Systems & Instrumentation) Congratulations to 2018 Best Paper Award and Student Award winner Laura Pirovano of University of Surrey (center).
[h]Also pictured (L to R): Robert “Lauchie” Scott[/h]
AAS-SSTC; Roberto Armellin, Senior Lecturer at Surrey Space Centre and the winner’s advisor; Paul Kervin, AMOS Conference Technical Chair; and Brandon Jones, AAS-SSTC.
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